Brass Wall Fixing Anchor

Elevate your industrial and commercial projects with our Brass Wall Fixing Anchor, a robust solution engineered for precision and durability. Crafted with excellence, this anchor ensures secure and stable wall installations in a variety of applications.

Product Specification


High-grade Brass

Strength Class

Industrial- Grade


Ideal for machinery installations, structural components, and fixtures

Corrosion Resistance


Product Specification

Choose the Brass Wall Fixing Anchor for a reliable and durable solution in your industrial and commercial endeavors. Trust in the strength and precision that define our brass products. Order now to experience unmatched performance in your projects

Key Features:

  • Industrial-Grade Strength: Manufactured from high-quality brass, our Wall Fixing Anchor is designed to withstand the demands of industrial and commercial environments, providing unparalleled strength and durability.
  • Reliable Wall Fastening: The anchor's specialized design ensures a reliable and secure fastening to walls, offering stability and longevity in diverse applications.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for a range of industrial and commercial projects, including machinery installations, structural components, and fixtures. This anchor adapts seamlessly to various environments.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Built to resist corrosion, the Brass Wall Fixing Anchor maintains its integrity over time, ensuring consistent performance even in challenging conditions.
  • Efficient Installation: Engineered for ease of use, the anchor facilitates efficient and hassle-free installation, saving valuable time on your projects.